Altered Escape Custom Print Mouse Pad


Large sized Altered Escape custom mouse pad



Custom printed, high quality mouse pad with Altered Escape background, JustEmuTarkov, and Kovacs logo!

Large Extended – 27″ x 12″ – 70x30cm)

Ultra Smooth Surface: The silky-smooth micro-woven mouse pad surface is optimized for both laser and optical gaming mouse sensors. It ensures effortless mouse movements and pro gaming tracking precision.

Comfortable Design:  Forget the feeling of a cold desk on your arms and stop scraping your wrists on its hard edge. You can rest them comfortably on the soft beautiful mouse pad.

Non-slip Rubber Base: This pad will take a firm grip on your desk and won’t slide around even in the most clutch gaming situations. Natural open-cell rubber backing keeps the mousepad secure in one place.

Reinforced Edge Stitching: This mouse pad is built to last and has high-quality stitching around its edges to ensure it doesn’t fray or fall apart like other mouse pads. It greatly increases the lifespan and the aesthetics of the mousepad. Optimal stitch size helps prevent you from rubbing your wrists on the edges, which can irritate sensitive skin.

Keyboard will stay in place: Your keyboard will finally take a firm stand on the mouse pad and no longer will it slide around.

Machine Washable: The mouse pad is so well built, that if you spill a drink or somehow get food on it, you can simply toss it in the washing machine. It will still last for years to come! Recommended: cold water on a delicate setting, air dry. Soap/detergent is OK to use in the wash)

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27" (70cm) long by 12" (30cm) tall

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