AE v2.0.1 – Hotfix and additions

Hotfix and addition patch now available


  • Fixed “_props” error – Was linked to KS-23 not generating properly, removed KS-23 from loadouts temporarily
  • Updated Gunsmith quests and quest text (by PieShade, ty ty) !
  • Fixed size of weapon parts

    Game Additions
  • Starting Profile overhauls (More details to come at the bottom of post)
  • Added helmet expansion into bot loadouts
  • Faction Version of Shturman – Shturman now has chance for different/more gear
  • Small SMGs can now fit into holster slot! MP-9, MP-9N, MP5-K, MP7A1, MP7A2, PP-9, PP-91 Kedr, PP-91 Kedr-B, PP-21

    Server Changes/Additions
  • THICC items and THICC weapons cases reverted back to normal
  • Docs case changed to 3×3, 3×3
  • Ammo case – removed one row of storage
  • Grenade case changed to 4×4, 4×4
  • Icase reverted back to normal – Keytool size change to 5×5, 5×5
  • Lucky Scav junkbox – Reverted size back to normal with addition of 6×6 storage for gas tanks
  • Medcase – Added 2 additional rows to middle storage areas. Changes to what can go where, morphine can now only go in injector slot, cms and surgical kit can now go in kit section.
  • Money case changed to 5×5, 8×8 – 5×5 section only holds money, 8×8 holds bit coins, GP coins, and trade tokens
  • Mr. Holodilnick thermobag – Size decreased to 8×8, 4×4
  • Weapon case – slightly reduced – Can now hold 6×2 (extra long assault rifle), four 5×2 (4 normal assault rifles), and 6×1 (extra long sniper slot)

    Starting Profiles
  • Edge of darkness – All normal but removed all the junk/weird placement of items by BSG
  • Do people actually use Left behind and prepare to escape??
  • Standard Edition is replaced by “Nightmare” – Extremely small stash, half HP, 35,000 rubles, $250 USD, unable to use secured containers, and more (This mode is still WIP, more features to come!)


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