Altered Escape v1.9.5

“International Attention”

International Attention – The events that have taken place in the region of Tarkov have drawn international attention from governments all over the world, even with the russian cover up. The russian government has dispatched RU forces to collect evidence and clean up the mess BEARs have failed to do so. American forces have also been spotted and rumor has it, that Terragroup has dispatched soldiers as well…
More info about all of these coming soon

This is a list of changes and additions for this patch. You can find all the screenshots below!

  • Introducing the MGS (Modular Gear System) – Various pouches, bags, and other utilities that you can attach to combat rigs and backpacks
  • Minor changes to bot script attempting to resolve the bots just staring into nothing sometimes.
  • Removed Punisher from Woods
  • AK-9 redesigned with new parts
  • AK-12/AK-15 have been added
  • Springfield .30-06 ammunition and Rifle have been added
  • Many, many new storage cases are now available
  • Trader tokens have been added to the game, used in various trades
  • Changes to some traders
  • Beretta 93R machine pistol has been added
  • Various weapon parts have been added
  • Changes and additions of various new gear and parts

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