New Update coming to Standalone!!

Testing is underway for the new update for “Altered Escape”! A new version will be coming very soon!

The Punisher – Altered Escape Version 1.3

Main Features

  • Complete overhaul of Altered AI. New Personalities for Scavs and PMCs! I had many people asking to make the PMCs harder, so this was a goal of this patch, the PMCs are not only geared better than scavs, but their combat tactics have been improved and have made them more aggressive.
  • Addition of different difficulties. With this update, I wanted to include all the difficulties for all players to enjoy, hopefully without loosing the intense feeling of Tarkov. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Impossible, should all work now. That being said Easy in Altered Escape is going to be harder than Easy in normal JET.
  • Tons of new customization options for scavs and players! If you roll a new account, you’ll get some brand new clothes! You’ll see a good mix of brand new clothes on scavs and PMCs!
  • Some quality of life improvements, ammo and money stacks have been doubled!
  • The Punisher ultra-rare PMC – A 1% to 3% chance for a PMC to spawn as “The Punisher”. This PMC carries a brand new set of armor level 6 armor, branded with the Punisher Skull, a highly modified M4, MCX, or Vector.
  • Update to Arsenal Mod with new models, sounds, and animations. As well as weapon parts.

Keep your eyes on announcements for more updates for release and some screenshots and videos!

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