News – 02/13/2020

Good evening everyone!

I have been working my ass off all day building out the new website and fixing the discord for features and ease of use! I hope you all like the new features, systems, and everything else I was able to do today. If you have any suggestions, comments, or anything else as always, feel free to contact me anytime.

What was accomplished today?

I was able to flush out the website more and make it more functional and ease of access. Below is screenshots and descriptions of the some of the website features.

There are other features to the website, but this explains some of them.


Completely new structuring to the discord server. Removed a lot of clutter and announcement pages.

These pages have been rolled intothe News system on the website. By creating a webhook to fetch and push news posts directly into the discord!
Brought in the MEE6 bot to auto-assign roles to people joining, no more landing page, clicky button lol.

Ticket system has been brought into the server to handle support requests.

Discord Commands added. Type !links to generate a bunch of links for help, downloads, docs, guides, etc. (More commands will be added as I figure out what people need).

Escape from Tarkov

Not to much today on modding. Did a few hour learning calibration with SirBrando and we were able to break down the client assets and bundles a bit more. There are so many and they link to tons of different files, its a monumental task, but its only a matter of time until we crack it!

I was able to successfully dupe, modify, re-bundle, and inject an asset bundle into the game using unity. Was also able to locate all the info for AI (spawning, patrolling, behaviors, etc) in the bundles. If I am able to extract and rebuild these files, I will be able to make bots move around the map more freely, maybe even set up choke points, ambushes, or hunt the player down. Not completely sure on that, but thats the goal.

Another path made progress on, digging into the assembly.dll files, I was actually able to find where the server defines the “wildspawntype”. If I am able to de-compile, edit, and re-compile the assembly.dll, I will be able to create completely new bot classes.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my work. I hope you all enjoy my files and changes, there is much, much more to come!
And as always, feel free to contact me anytime!

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