4 thoughts on “JET Overhaul – Version 1.0

  1. Been using SP-AKI ‘until’ I tried out your version. Incredible! Some of the best offline play I’ve had, bordering on online play. The AI is great. I can’t do a scav run, not sure if it’s intentional but in SP-AKI it was easy to get rich using them, same with fence. I much prefer it, it adds that risk back into the game. Well done Kovacs, you have created a keeper!

    1. Hey! Thank you so much for the kind words! I actually have pretty big plans to continue to update this version with BSG released content, as well as original stuff. So keep on the look out for future updates.

  2. Having a blast but I keep losing insured items…

    [AID1141029181698631819lk][LOCAL] [10878.25s] /client/game/bot/generate
    [AID1141029181698631819lk][LOCAL] [12002.00s] /raid/profile/save
    [ERROR][12002.00s] insurance Disabled!! cause of varaible undefined or file not found. Check line 249-250 at src/classes/offraid.js
    [ERROR][12002.00s] Disabling: Remove map key on entering, cause of offraid_f.handler.players[sessionID] is undefined

    Any ideas?

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